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Since 2011: Artist Management Elster Club

Elster Club‘s music lies somewhere between Zoot Woman, Franz Ferdinand, the Talking Heads and Metronomy and sounds conveniently as you might expect. The machines are a bit more human, and the humans closer to machines. Guitar, bass and laptop build up something that some would call indie pop –not the kind of disdainful pop that would like to be indie pop, but rather indie music, which catches a handful of pop here and there with its catchy melodies. Simply put: indie pop with guitars, bass and laptop.

If Elster Club came from the streets of Liverpool, they’d probably already be that next big thing. But as things are, they remain an insider tip from East Germany. Fortunately this doesn’t have an effect on Elster Club’s sound or passion. You can hear that on their debut full-length, “The Grand Stalker” (VelocitySounds Rec).

Download the Elster Club tracks “Marie Anne” and “Slow Deep Disco” for free on

Project based and freelance work, examples:

The World Domination, music video „Hungry Men“:
Conceptualization, production, script and directing of the music video „Hungry Men“ from the band’s self titled third studio album “The World Domination”.

Music video, DVD menu and website for the British Electronic music project “Sombre”, Glasgow UK

DVD menus and video editing for “deutsch-französisches forum junger kunst”, Bayreuth

Animated DVD menu for the Eclectic Pop band “Dante’s Dream”, Leipzig

Project Manager Video and Event for the “crossmedia project” – a collaboration of students of the Leipzig based institutes HTWK and SAE Leipzig:
Live videos at “Vimeo”

Production and support for websites, Facebook pages etc, e.g. for Elster Club “Website”, “Facebook Page”